Folding Work Table

Folding Work Benches



A portable and heavy-duty folding work table

Our heavy-duty classic just got even better This ever-popular, highly versatile work station now comes with extra features. It still has a lightweight frame so you can fold and carry it with ease, and it's sturdy enough to support a 450kg load. But this new, improved version also boasts adjustable legs, toggle and hold-down clamps so you can adapt the height of your work surface for maximum comfort. It has a unique fold system that makes it quick and simple to set up and pack away.

  • Folding design saves storage space
  • Strong enough to hold 453 kg / 1000 lbs
  • Takes just 30 seconds to set up with its unique quick-opening system
  • Two 30cm/12″ clamps go horizontal or vertical to suit almost any job
  • Portable workstation

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