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3 Tips for Concealing Rubbish Bins in a Tidy Manner

3 Tips for Concealing Rubbish Bins in a Tidy Manner

Managing waste is essential, but let's face it, rubbish bins aren't the most aesthetically pleasing. However, there are several solutions available to help you neatly store your wheely bins. Here are some key considerations when purchasing a suitable unit:

Choice of Material

Storage sheds come in different materials like wood, metal, and plastic. Opting for a plastic shed has several advantages. Plastic is weather-resistant, doesn't rot or rust, and is easy to clean. If you desire the look of wood, consider Keter's Duotech storage sheds, such as the stylish Elite-Store storage box. These units are made of plastic but have the look and feel of wood.

Number of Rubbish bins

The size of the shed determines how many bins you can store. Keter offers solutions to neatly hide 2 or 3 bins. The popular Store-it-Out Arc can accommodate 2 bins of 240L each, while the Grande-Store can house even 3 bins of the same size. If you only have 120l bins then the Store-it-Out Prime is perfect

Specific Features

Pay attention to certain features that can enhance the usability of a Rubbish bin storage shed:

  1. Easy opening at the top with gas springs and a container lid coupling
  2. Convenient front opening for effortless insertion and removal of
  3. Inclined threshold for smooth entry and exit of the
  4. Lockable option for added

Curious about the solutions that Keter can offer? Explore our range of Mini sheds here.

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